Arinaca (arinaca) wrote in vaginapagina,


Ok, I'm getting desperate (itchy) enough to post here.

For years I've had eczema, mostly on my legs (yep, all of my legs) but I've more recently gotten it in a few other places, worse patches on the backs of my knees, inner elbow, fingers nipples and one side of my vagina :C
I use a moisturizer daily (sometimes twice daily) by a brand called QV (was recommended to me by a dermatologist years ago now) and the same brand body wash. I use Cordic -DS 1% (hydrocortisone acetate 10mg/g) cream on my legs occasionally, knees more regularly, nipples almost daily for a while (didn't help much) and started using it a bit on the side of my vagina but trying to avoid using it there in case it ends up giving me thrush or something >.> I have a stronger one I use on my fingers but I don't have the tube on me at the moment.

Even using these it's not clearing up :C my nipples have been dry, flaky and itchy for months now, even when I was using just moisturizer on them in case the cream was too strong it didn't help. My legs have been on and off itchy for... 5-6 years? Easily that long if not longer.

Does anyone know anything that will help? You guys are always posting things I'd never have thought of to fix/help problems and hoping someone knows something that'll either cure (good god I'd love you forever) or help this damn eczema.
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