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Enlarged Uterus

I went to see my GP today. Starting in October, I started getting weird menstrual cramps even when not close to my period, and then during December I had an unexpectedly short 16-day cycle. I told the doctor that my typical cycle is only 22-24 days long (it's been slowly shortening over the past few years) and she found that troubling. I've had bloodwork done and I'm having an ultrasound on Monday, but during the physical exam she did, my doctor mentioned that my uterus was enlarged to about 10 weeks.

I'm pretty sure I'm not pregnant. I've taken multiple negative tests and I haven't had sex since my last period because I've been stressed out by all this weirdness. If I was pregnant, I'd have to be about six weeks along ... but again, it's really unlikely.

Is there any other reason to have an enlarged uterus (i.e., just random), or is it always fibroids, cancer, etc.? The doctor told me multiple times that "everything looked good" and "looked normal," but googling enlarged uterus at home has me scared. 
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