Freedumb (freedumbb) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hymenal tags?

Hi all,
So I'm just going to get right into my story. I have three protrusions at the opening of my vulva, after some research, I've likened them to hymenal remnants or hymenal tags. They are at the bottom right opening of my vulva. I lost my virginity in a forceful manner, I bled a lot and I think that may have torn my hymen unevenly leaving these tags behind. They've never bothered me, except for feeling slightly self conscious sometimes. But as of the last year, it's been bothering me really bad. It is uncomfortable and I notice them a lot more. Let me add some details...

This past year has been filled with a few firsts for me and my vagina. First, I switched over to the diva cup which I love dearly and works very well for me. Second,I became pregnant and had a procedure done to terminate it at six weeks. And thirdly, I am just getting over kind of intense itching down there after my period finished. It is not BV or a yeast infection since there is no smell or discharge. Just itchy uncomfortableness that I've been treating with Epsom salt baths and a little bit of coconut oil. This is the first time I've had these symptoms in years.

That being said, inserting the diva cup makes the tags more apparent because I can feel them move inside during insertion. The pregnancy may or may not have enlarged them a bit. And with this last infection I have a lot of feeling on those pieces of skin down there. At this point I am going to make an app with a gyno to have them removed.

So my questions are- has anyone experienced something similar? If so what is the procedure like? Do I book an app with a gyno or a cosmetic gyno? I don't have health insurance, ant suggestions? And lastly, is this normal?! I've never shared this with anyone. I'm gonna have a fun time explaining it to the nurses when I try to book an app.

Much love to all you strong ladies. Thanks!
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