xyyyyx (xyyyyx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bumps on labia

Hi all,

Like most new users probably, I'm posting here because I'm freaking out :)

I started running three weeks ago and worked up to 60-70 min runs. I have thickish thighs so things do chafe. Anyway, three days ago, I was doing a mirror check after taking a shower and noticed little bumps on my labia. There are 3 in the fold of my labia minora and 1 on the top of my labia majora. They aren't blistery, open, itchy, or painful. The 1 on top is kind of red but the others aren't discolored. They've gotten a tiny bit better since I discovered them. I'm doing hot compresses once or twice a day.

I had unprotected sex about 6 weeks ago (I've been sleeping with this person for about 2 years. He's been my only partner for the last year, but idk what his history is. During the last time we had sex I told him I needed a break for a few minutes because I was kind of dry and the condom was making it worse.. he took that as a sign to just take the condom off and keep going. :/ I'm normally pretty strict about that so yeah... I'm *really* not happy). Havent had sex since then.

Anyway, I'm REALLY freaking out that it's herpes. Like, having to take breaks at work to stress-cry in the bathroom, and skipping the gym to eat cookie dough at home and cry. I'm praying it's just a clogged sweat gland caused by the running? I feel really embarrassed about taking a picture but I guess I could if need be.

Does anyone have ideas as to what this is? My google searches haven't been that helpful.
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