vaghypocond (vaghypocond) wrote in vaginapagina,

What are these bumps?


So basically I have had these 2 bumps in my groin for easily 2 months. They have not bothered me, hurt or anything but I was starting to get curious. Google got the best of me and now I am FREAKING OUT. Basically it can be: mollascum contagious, HPV or just an infected follicle. Has anyone every had something like this happen? I am actually losing sleep over this! I've been adding apple cider vinegar on it the last two nights with a bandaid over top and now I got a reaction from the bandaid. Go figure! I am super sensitive. I am scared that this is something that I possibly got from waxing? My partner does not seem to have any bumps and he is STD free as well. Any help or advice would be amazing :( I posted a NSFW picture below..sorry!

So I checked with my doctor, an online expert (from all and went to my local sexual health clinic and 1/3 were warts and 2/3 were just infected skin follicles. My doctor barely glanced at my groin or looked with a light and within 3 seconds he diagnosed it genital warts along with a prescription for vyloma. I caved and I showed my mother who is a health care professional (dentist) and she did not agree with him. So thats when I made an appt with the clinic where I feel they would know best as they deal with this stuff probably more than once a day. She looked at my whole genital area and said these are absolutely NOT warts. Just an infected follicle due to waxing so now theres scarring that she said will take a while to go away. The online forum from all experts, I asked Mark Behar and within minutes he replied to me and did not believe these were warts either (I gave him the photo up top and one that I took yesterday that was super up close). I am going to get a pap at the end of next week to see my doctor and tell him what they said. In the mean time I will NOT be using the cream and the doctor at the clinic advised against it. I am pretty certain my GP was wrong and am so happy!!
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