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Potential STI and Scared

So I have been struggling with urinary issues for a little over a year now.

I went to a walk-in clinic immediately and got tested for a UTI; it was mild compared to past UTIs I've had but I thought maybe. The urine sample was negative, but the nurse gave me a script for antibiotics anyways. After a few days of it not getting better, I took them. They didn't do much good.

I went to my GP, who put me back on over-active bladder meds. I had been on them before, but discovered that issue went away when I switched HBC. The OAB meds didn't work, so he sent me back to a urologist, who I couldn't see for months. I also, during that time, went to my nurse practitioner, because she usually handles my PAP tests and other reproductive needs. I switched my HBC just to see if it would help again.

Over the months I would have some good days and some bad. I tried to tell my doctors it felt different from when I originally had over-active bladder, in that the urgency wasn't always there. It felt more like pressure, maybe something sitting on my bladder. Other days it just felt irritated.

When I saw the urologist she insisted I give the OAB meds another go. I had taken them for a month and had no problems, but she said it can take up to three months to see a change with the new type, but that the results are worth it. I took them and for the most part saw no real change in frequency. I still had bad days.

But sometimes I have good days, which is why this has been difficult to pin down. But it hasn't gone away. I even had an ultrasound done of my bladder and abdomen. :/ Nothing came up but free fluid in the cul-de-sac which is apparently normal and basically nothing. I've had bloodwork.

All this time I thought I'd had a PAP while I've been having these issues, which would have shown any STIs. But I called them and realized that I had a PAP about a month before I started having issues. I've been trying to schedule an appointment but the holidays have made it really difficult to get in.

Today I caved and bought one of those VagiSense things; it's a swab that you swab inside your vagina and if it comes out blue/green, your PH levels are off and there is a high chance of having a bacterial infection or parasite. I swabbed and the swab came out VERY blue/green. :/ So now I am scared I have an STI and have had it for over a year.

The quickest thing I could do was print off a lab form and pee in a cup to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia, which I did today, but I may not hear back for two weeks. I am going to try and book in with my nurse practitioner ASAP as well to test for anything else it could be in the meantime.

But I am really scared... reading up on a lot of them they all seem to suggest that having it for a long time can result in infertility. :( I really, really want kids and my partner and I were planning on having them in the next couple years. How likely is it that this could happen to me? Aside from the urinary issues, and more recently some slight vaginal burning/bloating, I haven't had pain or abnormal periods or anything like that.

Also, what can I do in the meantime to take care of myself before I get results/treatment?

((Just a side note, my partner and I have an open relationship, so another partner of his may be where he got it. He uses condoms with others but not me; he may not have used a condom for oral sex, however. My partner has no symptoms.))
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