carenmrose (carenmrose) wrote in vaginapagina,

External-only yeast infection?

Well, I've got a yeast infection, yippee :(

It's been itchy around the external part but I haven't noticed anything inside. Except one day for a little while when it was really itchy around the opening part, but that went away rather quickly.

Here's the issue. I've got vaginismus and literally NOTHING is allowed up in there. Even just kind of pressing against the opening is uncomfortable (not painful, but just very uncomfortable).

While it was itchy around the opening I was able to itch there without issue, and maybe got a third of my fingerTIP inside without vagina-freakout (which I'm pretty happy about, if that tells you anything) BUT I'm afraid that may have spread the yeast further inside if it wasn't already.

Anyways, I don't seem to have any real vaginal discharge other than the typical cervical mucus stuff, but I'm dry this time of month anyway. But if I'm already dry, maybe the little bit of stuff *is* coming from inside, I dunno.

The question is, if it doesn't seem like the infection is in the vagina, should I be alright putting the cream around the labia, etc, or do I need to assume that it's not so localized? The applicators that came in the package are as long as my hand and there's NO WAY that's gonna work out. I MIGHT be able to sorta squish some cream up there with a finger and hope for the best, but without intense itchiness, I think the doors are closed again ...

Oh, one other question ... right before I started with the anti-fungal stuff, it smelled exactly like Cheez-Its down there. I normally have a really hard time identifying smells, but that one I finally figured out. It was a little strange. Is that a "yeasty" smell? Because "my vagina smells like food" wasn't getting me any answers ...
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