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vaginal environment imbalance and sadness

Hey all, got locked out of my old LJ acct. Hoping you can help me. I'm usually the friend that people talk to about these issues (I used to work at Planned Parenthood ffs, albeit in an admin position), but I just don't know what to do about my problems.

I'm a 33 year old cis woman with no history of gyn issues until the past few years. A couple things are going on; which I think are unrelated, but not sure:

1. Having my period way too frequently, and bleeding way too much. At one point I was having a "period" every 2 weeks and having to empty my large-size Diva cup ~3 times/day. I have had blood tests, and two pelvic ultrasounds from two different offices, been examined by a GYN, and they can find nothing wrong. My primary care person (a PA) said she would be shocked if the ultrasound was normal, but it was. The gyn said I don't really fit the profile for any of the usual issues (no excessive hair growth or other typical signs of pcos, no thyroid issues--and yes, I believe my office has adopted the new thyroid levels; I have a family history of fibroids but none showed up on the ultrasound), but it might just be a hormonal change that comes with age. As for pain, the weird thing is, I got cramps when I was younger. Not anymore--it's just a woosh of blood with no warning.

I'm now taking Junel to control the bleeding and am going to try to stack packs because I'm so f'ing sick of bleeding. Mirena was also discussed as an option. Although I'm not thrilled, I'm mostly OK with being on HBC to control this problem without really getting to the bottom of it.

2. Something is just wrong with how my vagina and vulva feel, the discharge, and sometimes the smell. It has been "off" for years. It is neither classic yeast symptoms nor classic BV symptoms. This is the part that really frustrates me. I'm in a 10-year relationship which is not entirely monogamous, but any non-monogamous encounters are limited to very low-risk activities. I've been tested for STDs (as has my partner), yeast and BV several times. About 4 years ago they thought I had BV or trich (although they did not actually observe the trich under the microscope), and since the same med is used to treat both, they basically treated me for both. I think that helped for a bit.

Whenever I get my period, breakthrough bleeding, or spotting of old blood, the symptoms seem to be worse. For about 3 weeks, I've had a papercut-type cut on the bottom of my labia majora, and it's itchy. This is classic external yeast, right? So how come I never test positive for yeast, and yeast remedies don't seem to work?

Over the years, I have tried boric acid. I have tried not using my cup since they thought that was a culprit. I have tried garlic. I've tried diluted ACV douches. I'm currently trying probiotic suppositories. (I can't try applying yogurt because I'm vegan and I believe all vegan yogurt has added sugar.)

Do I need to keep going back and getting tested and being a pain in their ass until something shows up? Is there a more-sensitive or better test I should be requesting? I haven't had sex in ages, and I have no desire to... largely because I'm so frustrated with and disconnected from my vag. This is really bumming me out.

Halp :(
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