marycathy (marycathy) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD is expelling! What to do?

Hi guys! I got paragard inserted one week ago and last night I was feeling around up there and thought I felt something hard but wasn't sure. I checked again this morning and sure enough I can feel the tip. Though it seems like my cervix is tilted, the hard part I feel is more to the side. I tried tracing the strings but can't really get a good idea what is going on. My insertion went well. I had a short sharp pain while the midwife did the sounding. She said my cervix wasn't as open as she would like it to be so she went and got the doctor. He took a look and said it was fine, just that my cervix was twisty which is normal. I have no idea what that means. Anyway, he stuck it in and it didn't hurt very bad at all. I had mild cramps the rest of the day. I don't get period cramps anymore but when I did they were way worse than these. I bled that day and two days after. Yesterday I had some light spotting and a little nausea and today maybe a little cramping. I really want to feel around more to figure out what is going on but my cervix is up high and I don't want to risk infection or something if it is expelling, which I am pretty sure it is. Anyway, my follow up appointment is in 10 days. Would it be okay to wait it out until then or should I go get it checked asap? I am not in any great pain. Also, is it necessary that I abstain from sex until then? I know I need to use backup bc but will the act itself cause any harm? Btw I am 20 yrs old and nulliparous.
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