tinyroses72 (tinyroses72) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lump/spot outside of labia minora

So last night I came across a suspicious spot/small lump inside my left vagina lip. Its not in the labia minora but in between the actual lip and where my inner lips start if that makes sense. I noticed a very light discomfort when i wiped so i looked and i could barely see but pinpoint a spot that hurt. It apmost looked like a slight raised area that when i pressed kinda felt like a ball inside. Today i see it went down a little but it still hurts the same. I am recovering from a uti but other than that no other symptoms. It hasnt changed in color. Due to the holiday i cant get to a doctor for awhile but I am very nervous about this- is it normal to get irritations like this? Fyi- i am in a monogomous relationship both with no sti history, bf does get coldsores but we do not ever do oral for that reason. Theres an image below **Also it is not the white spot in the photo but the raised area on the pink skin beside it. Its a little hard to see.

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