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Yeast infection from soap remnants?

Hi all,

I am new to this forum, and glad to have this venue to share concerns. I have been having ongoing yeast infection issues for the last 5-6 years-- ever since I took an antibiotic. I've done all sorts of things to correct the problem - candida diet, supplements, homeopathics, various testing and more supplements, RXs, local supplements and creams, etc. There is nothing I haven't tried.

Anyway, I recognize a lot of my yeast problems also likely stem from anxiety. I went off all my supplements and am loosening up my very rigid diet ever so slightly (which terrifies me) -- I am doing this mainly because I need to be off of everything prior to taking a stool test I am scheduled for to see what's going on.

Anyway, I went to the gyno yesterday because I had a little hemorrhoid. Not a big deal. After seeing him, I got mad at myself for not having him "check" my discharge, as I'm always concerned about it. I check my discharge often to ensure I'm not having a problem pretty frequently. I know EXACTLY what my "yeasty" discharge looks like- and when I have a problem.

So, I washed my hands with the soap they have there, inserted my finger and I could tell the soap was strong (probably very antibacterial, since its the kind they have at the doc's office) and it seemed to bother my vagina (burned slightly). I could tell that slight burn was definitely from the soap-- I never get that with the soap I use at home. I checked out my discharge twice in the gyno bathroom, and both times the discharge seemed normal. I was concerned I may have stripped some good bacteria down there from doing it. Then a couple hours later, I did my "finger check" again, and this time I noticed some of that yeasty discharge -- just a bit-- and that I was dried out down there. That's typical for me when I get the yeast discharge (which looks like little pieces of toilet paper). I didn't really have much by way of an itch - hardly at all...

So the main thing I wanna know is: could possible remnants of the soap on my finger (inserted into vagina) be the cause for this very mild yeast infection (and maybe it isn't even technically a yeast "infection")? My main worry is that it's my slight change in foods, but I have been doing really well up until now, and don't want to have to go back to my overly restricted diet of green veggies, chicken and fish.

thanks for your input!!
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