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First time hetero sex...kind of nervous!

Okay so a bit of backstory, I've only dated girls and one trans guy up until this point and i've recently acquired a cisgender boyfriend. My only experience with a cis guy prior to this was a kiss and being felt up once by one of my close friends. We've only been together for a few weeks so we haven't talked about having sex yet, but i'm guessing it'll happen at some point.
So this weekend I went over to his house and we were watching movies and making out and he asked me if he could touch my tits, and I said yes and it was awesome. He got me off just from that. So there's no problem there really, I'm comfortable with him touching me, I like it and i'm really glad that he asked instead of just going for it. My problem is that i'm really nervous to touch him back. Like not cuddling or anything like that, but anything below the belt. I'm scared that when the time comes i'll freeze up. I do have a history of sexual abuse which probably doesn't help the situation, but I just really, really want to be comfortable with it because I feel bad if i'm the only one getting off. He isn't pushing me or anything, and he knows the deal with my past, so I don't think he'll mind being patient with me. I just really want to shake this nervousness and be comfortable giving him pleasure as well when the time comes.
My question is, has anyone else been in the same situation or similar, and if so, do you have any tips or advice on how to ease into it and get more comfortable with it? I feel like i'm making a huge deal out of this but it's a totally new experience for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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