Pernicious Damsel (damsie) wrote in vaginapagina,
Pernicious Damsel

Lo Loestrin FE - Side Effects? Brittle Nails, Thin Hair, Sleep issues

Hello!  VP community.

I'm 43 and I have been taking Lo Loestrin FE for just a year now to help with my fibroids as well as severe cramping and extra heavy bleeding.  I'm having, some side effects, I think?

A little history... In my 20+ years of taking different birth control, mostly hormonal bcp, I've done well... little to no side effects and my periods would be controlled well.  I've had to change birth control over the years mostly because of insurance.  Now that I'm a little older and seem to have heavier periods, etc., I tried a few different things including Mirena, which wasn't for me.
This Lo Loestrin FE is great, for me.  I don't get any periods any longer.  Best thing is, insurance covers it completely.  But I've been wondering if my brittle/weak nails and my thinner hair is a result of Lo Loestrin?  Or is it... age?  I've googled a little bit and I see so much regarding people's bad experiences with the drug.  But I've learned that more negative reviews for anything will appear on the internet than positive experiences.  So I take everything with a grain of salt.

This is why I came here... wondering if anyone has experience with thinner hair, weak/brittle nails and that's about it... oh and sleep.  I have the worst time in trying to get to sleep and staying asleep.  I used to not have such an issue with sleeping.  Again, is it age?  Or the pill?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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