estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hi everyone,

I'm now very worried about my situation and am looking for opinions.

I'm a 30-year old cis female and have a history of abnormal paps, although I have been getting normal results since late 2012. I had the same long-term partner from 2009 to 2014, and have had two new partners, in January 2015 and October 2015. My last pap was in March 2015 and came back normal. When I was with my new partner in October (sexual activity taking place over a week), I *think* I had a small amount of bleeding the day after (was in a dark public toilet and it was hard to see). I then had some dark brown spotting a few days before my period started at the end of October. Same thing in November. During November, I went for an STI screen just to make sure I didn't have an infection, and everything came back normal except that I was positive for bacterial vaginosis. I took 5 days of metronidazole, then the weird brown spotting happened before my November period too.

Since then, my vagina has felt very irritated inside, there is kind of a funky smell, and I had a small amount of reddish-brown spotting a few days ago, right in the middle of my cycle. I've never had bleeding mid-cycle before. I went to my GP a few days ago, and she commented that my vagina looked very irritated and that there was a lot of discharge. She took swabs and told me that if that an infection was causing the bleeding and irritation, we could treat it, and if there was no sign of any infection, I would be referred to a specialist, as it could be something more serious. Well, the tests came back normal. I'm waiting to hear from the GP and am freaked out that I don't have BV/yeast and wondering what it is that I do have. It will be a long wait to be seen by a specialist. The GP freaked me out by saying that a normal pap doesn't necessarily mean everything is OK. I personally hadn't thought too much about HPV/cervical cancer, because I've only been exposed to HPV again this year, having tested negative for it when I was with my previous partner, but now I'm concerned. Has anyone else has a situation like this?
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