jade2896 (jade2896) wrote in vaginapagina,

Burning Discharge??

Burning Discharge??

So ive been dealing with genital chronic itching for the past year,

but thats not why im writing this time.When my vagina is discharging, i feel like the discharge is acidc, it BURNS my skin (vulva) i go to the bathroom when i feel it and i wipe it off, and the burning goes away !I know its not a yeast Infection because im always being checked for it. The discharge doesnt really look abnormal and it doesnt smell weird.This also happens when im on my period , i feel blood all over and some burning so i go to the bathroom and wipe it off and it goes away!, could this be that my ph balance is way off?

im thinking of taking the strongest probiotics i can get my hands on.Not sure what else to do and im TIRED of going to the doctor regarding to my other issue God knows if ts all linked together.
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