Old world underground, where are you now? (greeneyed__lady) wrote in vaginapagina,
Old world underground, where are you now?

Bartholin's cyst/gland removal

Hi superstars,

I posted about this a few months ago, but on Monday, I had a Bartholin's cyst removed. I was under the impression that only the cyst would be removed; however, I learned right before the surgery that they were going to take out the entire GLAND as well. I don't feel that I was in a state of mind to make an informed decision about it, as I learned right as I was going into the procedure, but since it's gone, it's just gone.

My questions are-- has anyone else ever had a Bartholin gland removed? What was your recovery time like? When were you able to return to normal, everyday activities? After recovery-- did you notice any difference in natural lubrication? That is what I am really the most worried about. I generally am fairly lubricated naturally, but from my understanding, the Bartholin's glands are the ones responsible for creating that, and now I only have one as opposed to two. :( I expressed my concerns to my partner, who said that I was being ridiculous. I'm just worried that I will not have the same caliber of lubrication during sex, and I'm only 26. Any feedback or experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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