abacaxidreams (abacaxidreams) wrote in vaginapagina,

Weird irritation on posterior fourchette!

Hello friends! I'm having some kind of weird irritation and can't get in to see my doctor until Friday! I'm freaking out so I hope someone has had a similar experience and can offer comforting words!

Last weekend I had sex with my boyfriend and at the end I was feeling sore. We tried again in the morning but it was still too painful and it was burning when I peed. I've been sore after sex with him before (he's pretty big) and figured I'd probably been dehydrated/not lubricated enough because I'd been drinking a bit, so I brushed it off. However, it only got worse as the week went on! I noticed it was the posterior fourchette that was hurting so I looked up fissures or tears there and everything said I should expect it to be painful and itchy while healing. So I thought okay, it's just healing. But now it's over a week later and it STILL is burning when I pee and sometimes itchy! Worst of all, I've gone down there with a hand mirror and flashlight and it looks terrible! Red and irritated. I think I can see where the "tear" is (if that's even what it is) and it just looks like a red bump. But I think there's also some other bump/sore looking things right next to it. Of course I paranoid so now EVERYTHING looks like a bump of some kind lol. And I'm like "is this weird discharge??? does it smell weird???" I may be overreacting but to put it simply it looks very irritated!!

Here's another thing: this weekend I noticed that I felt pain around my bikini line when I put pressure on it. That's still the case actually. I also feel a small pea-sized lump (on each side) way under there. I think it's my lymph nodes, which makes me think my body is fighting some sort of infection!

My mind is jumping to herpes/STDs/whatever and I'm terrified. It seems unlikely though...I've only had a handful of sex partners in my life and my boyfriend is the only one I've been with more than once or twice. It's been only him for the past year. I was tested somewhat recently for STDs (can't exactly remember when) and he gets tested twice a year--most recently around Thanksgiving.

Part of my freak-out is because I'm going on a trip out of the country in just over a week! I hope I can get it cleared up by then but, again, can't get to my doctor until Friday.

Any advice at all??? Thanks!
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