jaz (gabardinedreams) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD expulsion?

I had it (mirena) inserted in November of 2012. Felt the strings at first, then they seemed to come and go, then I haven't felt them in maybe a year? I work at a hospital and asked one of our ob/gyns and he said after a time the strings can become soft and curl up so I didn't worry. I was still missing my period (aside from a bit of sympathy bleeding if I spent time with a girl on hers) so I figured it was ok.

Had an abnormal pap six months ago, and a normal one two weeks ago, although they did diagnose me with BV. I was told by ob/gyn at work that unless I am pregnant or symptomatic (smell) I didn't need to be treated for it. My only symptom was a bit of extra discharge so I didn't get a script.

Now I'm having a lot of pink and brown discharge. IUD strings are long gone, all I feel is a little bump on my cervix.

Could this old blood discharge be my body trying to have a period after so long without? Mirena is my only form of birth control. Or is this BV related and I should take the antibiotics? I don't have a local ob/gyn and they're all so busy, I would have to get a referral and then wait for an appointment so I guess I'm just looking for reassurance in the meantime.
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