chloe977 (chloe977) wrote in vaginapagina,

Feeling frightened! Very bad irritation

Hi everyone, I feel a bit a broken record as I post here quite often about the same thing, but I'm really struggling and this is such a supportive community I find it so helpful!

Anyway, to put things short since April I've had a heavy sticky/tacky white and sometimes yellow curd like discharge, which at times soaks through my underwear and leaves me feeling very unclean. My vulva has been dry, itchy and swollen. I also seemed to have developed a rash on both sides of my labia minora, it seems like tiny papules. This has been constant, I've been to the doctor and was tested for yeast and bv twice but they always came back negative. I thought it may of been irratation but I've stopped using products and yet the problem still persist. My GP has told me it's probably normal but I really don't understand how it can be.

In the past week I've been in a lot of pain, my labia is red and it feels as if it's cut all over (despite there being no visable cuts) and I am extremely itchy, also the discharge isn't making things any better. I looked things up on google and freaked myself out, as a lot of people were talking about the cut like feeling being symptons of Herpes. I've questioned if this could be because of a STD many times before, but I'm in no way sexually active but I worry what if I had touched someones hand who may of had a coldsore and then touched myself down there, I don't know how likely that is but I'm at total loss at what I'm going through and I'm extremely distressed and depressed about this.

I'm wondering if STD's can be caught only exclusively by sexual activity or can it be transmitted in other ways? Sorry if I sound naive but I can't seem to find a clear answer and I'm so scared! 
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