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Abnormal bleeding worries

Hi everyone,

I posted last month about some abnormal bleeding I was having and got some really helpful advice. I was hoping it was a one-off, but it has happened again this month. It's basically a small amout of brown/reddish brown discharge a few days before my period starts. Last month I also had (I think) a small amount of bleeding after sex. The reason I'm not sure is that the lighting was poor in the bathroom I was in, and it was only that one time. I haven't been sexually active this month.

I went for a sexual health screen 2 weeks ago and was diagnosed with BV. I have taken antibiotics for that. The results came back clear for everything else. The nurse asked about my most recent pap smear and as it was this year, she didn't do one. I'm a little worried about that now, as I did have a new partner, my first new partner in 7 years, in January and the test was (I think) in February or March. That relationship ended in March and I have had one other partner since then, in October. I have had many, many abnormal pap smears in the past (CIN 1 or 1-2, no treatment). After several clear ones starting in 2012, I was told I had cleared the HPV virus and was no longer considered high risk. The thing is that having had new partners, I was surely exposed to HPV once again? Perhaps between January and now, something has developed? I know I've been good at keeping on top of everything, and my next scheduled pap smear isn't for another two years, but what if this is cancer or HPV related?
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