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**PLEASE HELP** Pregnancy scare from rubbing hand with precum!!

Hey VPers, I am currently having a huge pregnancy scare, which I feel is a little irrational. 17 days ago(on 11-9-15) me and my gf were fooling around, and her period was due(she thinks) on 11-18-15. By fooling around I mean that we were both just having manual sex(She was giving me a hj and I was playing with her vulva(no fingering just rubbing outer and inner labia), midway in doing this, I had my cell-phone ring(it was an important phone call). Well, when I had gotten up to answer the phone,(within 10 seconds or so) my gf had mistakenly rubbed(for 3 minutes) her vulva and inner lips, perhaps very slight fingering with a small amount of depth with the same hand she was giving me the hj with. I am positive for a fact that her hand had a significant amount of pre-cum because I saw it. My last ejaculation was approximately 1 hours prior. We are both virgins(her hymen is intact) and have never had any sexual intercourse. If you were wondering I'm 19 and she is 21 years old. So her period is usually on time(or so she says) but she is not sure of the exact due date. Nonetheless, she is around 7-8 or so days late at the moment. She has been quite a bit more emotional, tearful, and having mood swings over the past 2 weeks or so, I read this is a pms symptom, but also an early pregnancy symptom. Honestly, I am terrified and cannot think straight due to this. I did some research and saw that some sources say its possible and others say its not possible, I don't know who to believe. Well, I will be going out and buying a pack of "First Response Early Result" pregnancy tests within the next 3 days or so.

My questions are:
1. It is currently 18 days after the incident, when can I have her take the "First Response Early Result" pregnancy test?
2. How likely is it that she is pregnant? What if she was ovulating at the time?
3. Have you ever been through something similar? How did it turn out for you?
4. Do you know anyone who has gotten pregnant from similar circumstances?
5. How would you suggest to not worry about this if pregnancy isn't likely?

If you have read all of this, I just want to take a second to thank you, as I am honestly turning to you as my sole provider of support/reassurance.
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