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Possible for BV to "lurk"? Negative test result. Please read for context

Wow, it's been exactly a year since I last posted here and it's still related! This is gonna be long, so I apologize in advance.

My ex messaged me that I seriously needed to go get checked for BV, because he basically infected his girlfriend. He'd cheated on her with me for about a month, but I realized I needed to be completely done with him so I sent his girlfriend a long email and copied him in it. I know I'm a terrible person, and not a day passes that I don't regret my actions but it's all in the past now. Anyways, he sent me this "heads up" about 2 weeks later. I asked if he was sure it was from me and he said yes, he smelt the "fishy smell" the last time we had sex. At the time, I remember thinking I smelt "weird" but I chalked it up to having just come off my period.

As elaborated in my last post I've had BV before, and I basically got it because this same ex and I had anal-to-vaginal sex. My vagina smelt all types of rotten (but not fishy, interestingly enough) and I went to the gyno praying it was a lost tampon or something, only for my worst fears to be confirmed. Went on metrogel, used femdophilus, hydrogen peroxide, folic acid, acv acidophilus capsules, vitamin c... all the works, because I was determined for it not to recur.

Over the past year, my discharge has been mostly normal. Sometimes, it smells a bit off, usually like mild plain greek yogurt, but i figure that's more good than bad because yogurt has a lot of the "good" bacteria for the vagina anyways. Other times it seems like my discharge smells a bit strong but i'm a little paranoid about my smell so it's possible it's all in my head. However, I had a fwb over the summer and occasionally when we had sex, I'd get a whiff of a smell... not necessarily unpleasant, but weird all the same. Also, lately my periods have been smelling rather strong and almost bad, particularly on the last/old blood spotting days (which is what I thought the smell my ex was referring to was). I've most certainly not had the extremely foul smell that gave me grief this time last year.

Anyways, I went to my school's gyno yesterday for a BV test but ended up getting checked for everything- trich, yeast, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, HIV. Everything came back negative, so I'm thankful... but I'm a bit confused/curious. I got tested a day before my period, so I reckon if I do infact have BV triggered by hormone related pH imbalance it would have shown in the tests, right? Is it possible that I do have BV, but it's lurking somehow?

I'm asking because I do think it's very possible the girlfriend got it from me, because when I had it last year she was in the picture (at the time, he was cheating on me with her. yeah, such a lovely person.) I don't think he ever took any antibiotics till after this time around when he apparently infected her. It is entirely possible that he got it from me the first time, passed it on to her, and she went undiagnosed till she went to get tested after I reached out to her. But wouldn't I have gotten reinfected too? Please advise.
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