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Boric acid how-to guide?

Hi VPers!

I wanted to see if someone could point me to an resource or success story about long-term success managing BV with boric acid. Also, can anyone recommend a specific boric acid brand I could order from Amazon?

Here's what's going on: I started using boric acid last spring after being diagnosed with BV for the 2nd time in 3 months. I've been really happy with it and have typically used it 1-2 nights after my period ends (big trigger for me), and have also been asking my partner to pull out since I know semen can be a trigger as well. My pH typically hovers around 4.5 (highest in 'normal' range - I wish it were lower). I've gotten sick of the pulling out thing and wanted to be able to stop doing that... well, after a very sexy weekend I'm feeling a little BVish (noticing a slight odor) and am frustrated once again that I can't seem to keep it at bay.

Any guidance on long-term maintenance/officially kicking this would be immensely helpful. I'm also taking Jarrow fem-dophilus probiotics 1-2x per day, if that helps at all.

Thanks, everyone. This site is the best women's health resource out there. <3
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