lucylu96 (lucylu96) wrote in vaginapagina,

Very dry, sore vulva.

Hey everyone!

In July I had a mild yeast infection so I decided to buy a OTC anti fungal cream, this got rid of the infection however I seem to have taken some reaction to it. My labia minora is extremely irritated. My skin is dry and shriveled, I seem to have hard patches of skin on both sides of my labia, they look like a rash. My labia is also very swollen, itchy and sore, it burns at times when I pee and I have noticed an increased amount of discharge, but it's not a strange color and there is no foul smell to it. I'll wake up in the morning some days feeling very sore, it's been so bad that it's made me cry a few times.

I've stopped using any products when washing, no soaps, no shower gel, etc but no matter what I do I can't get my symptoms to go away. My doctor suggested using a barrier cream like Epiderm but I found that just caused more irritation.

I'm not sure how irritation from a product can last this long and I don't want to self diagnose, so I will be bringing it up with a doctor again but I was curious if anyone has suffered from this type of thing and if they found anything that helped?

Thank you!
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