smallestblair (smallestblair) wrote in vaginapagina,

STILL late period?? (Me again, sorry >.<) 8 days late...

Protected sex three-ish weeks ago. No rips in the condom, he didn't even ejaculate near me, never mind inside... Couldn't be knocked up.

No symptoms of period, just light cramping and lower back pains but I usually have them server and now they're mild and come and go.

My period used to change dates, eg: Start of month, then the middle of the month and then it kinda settled between the 18-29th. No period yet, so basically three days late...

I've READ (Doesn't say I believe) that first time sex can change cycles or knock your hormones out of balance so it pushes your period back a couple of days...

I'm 16, have a YI... My diet isn't the best tho, I probably only eat once a day and that's been going on for 3-ish months. My weight has been going up and down, since I diet, lose weight then forget about diet and put on 1 or 2 pounds... :( Any ideas???

I can seriously read an amazing bit of advice, saying I'm late due to stress and feel better but then I re-think about it and then back to stressing again. I'm just full of anxiety. Even now writing I'm thinking of it... >.< I don't regret the sex, please don't say "You shouldn't of had sex if you can't deal with the consequences" because if I was pregnant I'm sure I'd be able to deal with it in some way... And I'm 99% sure you can't get pregnant if you use an extra safe condom and he doesn't even ejaculate near you.

I just need some advice because nothing other people say (on other sites) work, like seriously they just say "i doubt youre pregnant" and i appreciate that but it doesn't help me at all and it stresses me out even more! I can't tell anyone yet, they'll just say "oh yeah pregnant" and get so mad at me and that'd stress me out even more, things aren't good at home and before I spend money and time going to the doctors (I should do that I know) I'd rather just see if I'm being stupid over something

Update: 8 days late, 100% sure i cant be pregnant but im getting a test anyway
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