ich liebe dich (x_ifuseekamy) wrote in vaginapagina,
ich liebe dich

Hello? Period? Is that you?

Hi all!

So I'm a bit confused what is happening with my body. I never had regular periods until I took Plan B in January and since then have had a pretty regular cycle. So last month I didn't get my period, but after being two weeks late, I had a rush of extremely dark brown discharge (?) that filled up about a tampon for a day or so and that was it. Same thing happened this month but it was more on time with my period. I haven't gotten and "period" symptoms but that's not unusual for me at all.

I am sexually active and am always safe. Is my body doing something weird with my period or is this a symptom of pregnancy? I have taken five pregnancy tests over the past month and all have been negative. I would go to the OBGYN but I don't have health insurance so I was hoping I could get a little guidance before I spend lots of money for something that might not be anything.

Has this happened to anyone else?
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