browneyedmami (lapis_paladin) wrote in vaginapagina,

Painful bumps on vulva

HI VPers!

As the title says, I have some painful pimple like bumps on my vulva. In the past I've had bumps like these and I would just pop them and they would go away (I know, horrible!), but this time instead of just one, I have 3 now and they all hurt! I'm 99% it's not an STD as I haven't been sexually active recently (last 3 months), and prior to that I was in a monogamous relationship, plus I was tested shortly before we broke up and the only thing I had was BV.

I should also mention I have HPV so I'm wondering if they are possibly HPV warts?

I tried to take a picture, but it doesn't show much so I left it out.

I know you guys can't give me a diagnonsis, but maybe you could shed some light on the situation while I wait to be able to make/go to an appointment?
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