half-pint horror (raqs_loki) wrote in vaginapagina,
half-pint horror

Taking a week off with Micronor (to continue same pattern as previous bc)?

A few months ago, I began having terrible mood swings and realized from the pattern that it was an interaction between my lamotrigine and my Nuvaring. (Estrogen bc basically cuts the effectiveness of lamotrigine in half...now apply that concept to the off-and-on cycle of monthly birth control. No fun!)

I went off the ring and things did improve. However, my cycle is a mess now. My periods just show up whenever the hell, pretty often, and stay a lot longer. Last week I asked my doc for a different bc that wouldn't interact with my lamotrigine. She gave me Micronor, which I haven't started yet.

The only reason I want bc is to try to iron out the kinks in my cycle. I am not at risk for pregnancy with my partner. (However, I don't think I explained all that to my doc since I was at that appointment for something else and brought up bc as an afterthought.) I know POPs aren't ideal for regulation, and Micronor is 4 active weeks with no "period" break between packs. I've never had luck trying to skip a period with other bc in the past. But keep following here...

All the years I was on the ring, I always did 4 weeks on/1 week off on the advice of several docs who told me it had enough active hormone to be used safely this way. So do you think I could do the full 4 active weeks of Micronor and take 1 week off before starting the next pack? The idea being that maybe my cycle is used to that pattern. (I've searched but turned up nothing other than "don't skip or you'll get pregnant!")

Like I said, I don't actually need this for birth control, so it doesn't matter if a week off will hurt the contraceptive efficacy. I'd just like to give this a shot and try getting somewhat predictable periods again.
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