russian_mafia_x (russian_mafia_x) wrote in vaginapagina,

Skin tag/hemorrhoid?

I was checking myself out, and noticed this "thing" at the bottom of the perineum. It feels like a little flap of skin that's connected to the labia, but also seems to disappear into the anus.  Is it a skin tag? A hemorrhoid?
On the note of hemorrhoids, I've been getting more flare ups recently.  Mine are right at the entrance of the anus but not totally external - I can see them bulging if I bear down, but usually not when relaxed.  What sorts of things have you guys found to help "heal" yours? I know nothing totally heals them besides surgery, but I would love for them to get significantly smaller.  I've tried suppositories, witch hazel wipes, sitz baths, and garlic - all seem to help, but hemorrhoids come back as soon as I stop treatment.  
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