tinyroses72 (tinyroses72) wrote in vaginapagina,

small scab/pimple near anus?

Hi! I'm kind of worried about a small pimple near my anus. It honestly looks like a tiny scab with what looks like a hair inside it but not coming out of it, like as if a hair grew into it or something BUT I cannot tell for sure. Also, I dry shaved this same area quickly last week and experienced some uncomfortable razor burn. So i'm hoping this is just part of that hair growing back. It never was an open sore, doesn't not hurt or itch at all. I am seeing my dr tomorrow but I am freaking out... Just fyi for background info- I've been testing for herpes MULTIPLE times in the past and they were always negative. My boyfriend has gotten a coldsore twice in his life way before we started dating, but we never do oral. Can ingrown hairs kind of look like this?


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