estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

So stressed and worried - period related

Hi everyone,

I posted a few days ago about brown discharge a few days before my period was due. So I had intercourse 3 times, between October 16 and 23. Each time we used a condom, we did not notice any breaks or tears, and he did not ejaculate inside me (as in, he didn't ejaculate in the condom while he was inside me, he pulled out before he came). There was no penetration without a condom. and I don't recall either of us touching the condom with any pre cum on our hands. He did come on my body (accidentally!) when I gave him oral, but it only seemed to land halfway down my thigh and on my knee, and I washed it off right away. That's the only sexual activity I have had since my last period. I am freaked out because all the hits I have for brown blood are related to implantation bleeding/pregnancy.

I relaxed last night when I went to the bathroom and had a flow of reasonably heavy bright red blood, thinking 'it's all OK, my period is here', but today it's gone right back to the same light, brown blood. What is going on here? My last period was 28 days after the one before, so this one is technically due tomorrow. As I said, it looked like it had arrived last night, but now it's just brown blood again. My last Pap smear was normal, I do have PCOS, but my periods are pretty normal/regular, all intercourse was protected and my partner's STI tests came back all clear. What is going on? 
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