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Recurrent yeast infection that is ruining my life :(

(Sorry it's lengthy) Ok, so I have been dealing with yeast infections since the beginning of 2010 I believe. I am now almost 27 and still suffering from the same crap. I also feel like my birth control (I am on the pill Tri Sprintec) has probably been the root cause of all of yeast issues, but doctors I've seen won't admit to it. Let me start by saying I feel going to my gyno is completely worthless. I can't take anyone else telling me "you're a healthy woman, but some people are just more prone to them" OR "it could be a psychological thing." Spare me. So to my current issue...

Normally my yeast infections were triggered by sex. But now I have had a yeast infection for the past 2 months (that won't respond to anything) and I also haven't had sex in 2 months. I had a colposcopy and biopsy in August due to an abnormal pap (first one ever)....then followed by treatment for precancerous cells on my cervix. After my biopsy I ended up with a case of BV and was unable to treat it with vaginal meds because I had to let my cervix heal. So instead of quickly solving that problem, I was forced to take folic acid, acv, antibiotics to get rid of it (I hate presciptions, btw). So of course the antibiotics brought on the great yeastie beasties. Then the treatment for the precancerous cells caused the infection to get worse....and gave me BV again (I had 2 treatments). After the final treatment, I used an acv tampon, coconut oil, gynazole that my gyno pressured me into trying one last time, Femdophilus probiotics inserted vaginally for a week (also been taking them orally once a day for the past month), and finally boric acid for about 4-5 days. I didn't do them all at once, but those are all things I have tried in the past month. After stopping all of those treatments, my yeast infection came back the very next day.

It has only been since August that I have ever had a sweet, yeasty smelling discharge. Normally I just get the thick, white discharge, itching and discomfort. No smell. Ever. After my biopsy, the smell came about. The BV has been long gone (because I no longer smell like a fishy garbage truck), but the sweet yeasty smelling discharge is still there which is now accompanied by itching and discomfort.

Right now I am wanting to try either the femdophilus or boric acid again for longer periods of time, or combining them together. I have been taking sips of kefir smoothie each day (by LifeWay). I also take about 2 diluted acv shots per day to help my body maintain a proper pH level. I recently (as in a few days ago) started taking Capryl and Yeast Gard capsules to help ward it off.

I am at my wit's end. Normally the femdophilus clears my infections within 2-3 days of use...but now I feel like I am going to have this damn thing forever. I am so miserable and I don't have anyone to relate to because this is super personal and I've just been dealing with it on my own for the most part for almost 6 years. :( Any advice, tips or help would be greatly appreciated.
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