museum mouth (sober_up) wrote in vaginapagina,
museum mouth

Birth control woes

Hey Vaginapagina! I'm having a hell of a time with birth control. First, I am on Lamictal, which interferes with hormonal birth control. BUT Lamictal is extremely effective for my psych issues! I also am wary of hormones due to my psych meds, so I decided to get a Paragard. However, this weekend I felt the plastic tip sticking out of my cervix. I made an appt. with Planned Parenthood, and while getting the expelling IUD removed, I was hoping to get right on another birth control. In addition to Lamictal, I'm taking Paxil, which causes very bad fetal abnormalities; if I were to get pregnant, I would have to abort, which I'm not comfortable with. So...

--Short of condoms, any recommendations?

--How about the implant and the Lamictal? Any experiences? I'm reading different information and I feel overwhelmed.

--I was relying on withdrawal, but because of the Paxil, I wanted something more effective. I dislike condoms, but if that's what it comes down to, I'll have to suck it up :(

Thanks for your time and any help!
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