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Need help identifying what came out !!!

" href="http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/missmini28/76895039/1737/1737_original.jpg">So I need help figuring out if this is lining of some sort or what it could be??? I had a light period the month before last browning pinking spotting a light period I figured it happens.. Then when it was time to have my period it was 3 days late when it did come it was darkish brown no red or pink for 3 more days, then the next morning I woke up with terrible cramps and bright red and brown blood I had cramping for 5 hours then it stopped about two hours after then I changed my tampon and this thing was on it !! Dark reddish sac looking thing and white clearish glob with a cord looking thing I spotted light pink after no cramps or heavy bleeding i didn't keep it I was to freaked but I got pictures.
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