simpleghost (simpleghost) wrote in vaginapagina,

abortion & weight gain.

i have been following this community for years & am posting today because i am at the end of my rope.

in oct 2012 i had an abortion at 13 weeks. i was simply not at a point in my life where i felt i could handle a child. it was done without regret & i have always felt confident in my choice.

soon after the procedure i began gaining weight. Ive always flactuated but not like this. In the three years since the procedure i have gained 50 lbs. In the year after the procedure my weight shot up 35 or so lbs & it has just continued. I have tried everything to kick the weight. The weight is all in my upper pelvic area (fupa city) which is strange for my body. Ive always besn a pear shape but with wide hips but boney hips-waist.

This has devestated my life. My self esteem has plummetted. I have gone to the gym, restricted calories, fasted, cleansed, everything & still it gets bigger. I complained to my doctor but since ive always been on the plus side they say "just eat less & be more actice" dismissing my concern that it is hormonal related.

Pre-abortion i was on the pill. Post abortion i was put on the nuva ring.

Has anyone else had this issue? Can anyone offer any advice on how to break this rut my body has fallen in to?
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