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Bacterial vaginosis / BV for 7 years straight. Someone help me please

I have had BV / bacterial vaginosis for 7 years after receiving oral sex. Since then I have had many test,maybe 10 doctors, clear pap smears,hundreds of dollars in “cures” or appointments. I have taken many pills,supplements,homemade cures to try to cure. Currently I am using Jarrow's Fem-Dophilus for the last month. It was working for a week then it stopped working… I am still going to complete the bottle because it was a fucking expensive for probiotics. Other things I’ve tried:

  1. Boric Acid

  2. Clindamycin

  3. Flagyl

  4. diflucan

  5. Fluconazole

  6. Miconazole nitrate

  7. Yogurt

  8. Vinegar

  9. Water

  10. Apple Cider Vinegar

  11. Vitamin C pills (ouch)

  12. Baking soda

  13. Metrodonizale

  14. garlic

  15. Accuraflora

  16. Amocilin

  17. Folic Acid

  18. Acidiphilius

  19. Monistat

  20. RePhresh

  21. Azo

  22. Peroxide

  23. Sitting in epsom salt bath

  24. Diet changes

Some of these helped for the time i used them, but as soon as I stopped it came right back Since then I have had no sexual contact with any one because what man would want a person who smells like rotten meat, ammonia, or fish .. one of my many smells which I have had every day without cease for 7 goddamn years..But I must admit I did quit for months on end because it was draining my pocketbook and so damn depressing i’m a 26 year old virgin thanks to this beside the oral sex. before the sexual encounter i had never even had a yeast infection let alone any sort of smell.. can someone help me? I’d like to have a healthy sex life or even a chance at love, but if I can’t even get rid of this smell I may as well prepare for no kids,or marriage or any kind of intimate life.
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