marycathy (marycathy) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lost virginity, great experience but something's wrong...

I am a 20 year old woman who recently lost her virginity (2 days ago). The experience was lovely and I had a lot of fun. I didn't bleed and while there was pain (he was pretty big and kept slipping out, plus I might have been a bit dry) it subsided pretty quickly. I felt fine for most of the day after and only towards the end of the day did I notice any irritation. Basically just a little soreness and redness around my vagina. However, today I noticed an itch, odor, and white discharge. What could be the cause of this and how can I fix it? Honestly I am eager to have sex again and want to as quickly as possible. The only vaginal problems I have had before have been mild yeast infections which definitely didn't produce this much discharge or an odor at all really. I am not on birth control (and this was a hookup situation) so we did use a condom all three times that we had sex. Also, in case this is relevant, he did finger and go down on me.

What might have caused this? How can I treat it over the counter and should I go to the doctor?
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