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Newbie with thanks and questions (white tissue in menstruation)

Hi all,

My thanks first for this community. Like many others, I found posts here that are related to my forthcoming questions. Like many others, I was encouraged and reassured by the posts of similar experiences, and the pictures. I am sharing my own experience and pictures to help in the same way, and also to ask for any additional thougts or insight.

I am 32, and using Lo Loestrine FE birth control for 9 months now. I had not had my period for almost the last 6 of those months. All my life prior, and when on other birth controls, I have always had regular cycles with what I would describe as moderate to heavy bleeding. I am sexually active and have taken at home pregancy tests to be sure that the missed periods were not indicative of pregnancy. I also had my annual GYN check up and lab work done 2 months ago.

My period started yesterday afternoon with light spotting, and hardly any cramps. By night, it was not much heavier but the cramping had become much worse, waking me several times. This morning the cramps were very severe, and the bleeding thick and heavy.

At one point this afternoon, I went to urinate and passed a large clot of blood with white tissue in it (Clot A). I took a picture and shared with my doctor friend who believed it was just my lining that had been building up over the last several months. She told me of course to monitor and go to the doctor/hospital if anything worsened. Hours later, another similar clump has been discharged (Clot B).

I have never experienced this before in my 20 years of menstruating. From my friend's (remote) professional opinion, as well as the posts and pictures I have been reviewing in this community, I am more at ease and also believe it is simply my uterine lining. Only, for me it does not look quite like the pictures I have seen. The clots my body has passed do not look like a decidual cast to me. I thought it a good idea to share my pictures, too, even though there are so many already shared.

Does anyone else think these look different from a decidual cast? Any other thoughts on what else it might be? The first two are of Clot B; last picture is Clot A.

PS - I just created my account tonight to be able to be able to be a part of this dialogue. I tried to tag it like previous posts I saw, to make it more constructive in that regard. I may be missing something simple, but I was not able to post with tags. Again, I'm a newbie!
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