actorgrl04 (actorgrl04) wrote in vaginapagina,

UTI or just pad PMS symptoms?

I haven't had an UTI in years and have always been really careful about preventing them. Just recently, I have had the urge to pee a lot, it hasn't hurt a lot or anything but sometimes just feels like it's not empty. When I do go though, it's a normal amounts(sorry TMI). I am on my period now, so I wonder if that is it? I've had this issue before where I think I have an UTI and it since it's right before my period, just turns out to be that. Only reason why I am wondering about it now is that I haven't felt the best today. The urge to pee has gone away a little bit, but now my lower back just subtly aches in spots, as well as my left back side and I have felt icky. It's not a lot of pain just little tinges of weird feeling I guess.

I'm going to guess it's just the start of my period, but wondering if any of these is UTI symptoms as well?

Sorry if this was confusing, just looking for some advice. Thanks!
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