mapley188 (mapley188) wrote in vaginapagina,

Questions about Yeast Infections

Hi everyone! This year has been miserable for me as I've been dealing with a yeast infection ever since the last week of March. It's been constant and even after countless doctors trips & anti-fungal/steroid creams it would not go away.

Last week I was feeling extremely raw and sore and I decided to purchase an over the counter treatment instead of going back to the doctors. It was a combined oral/topical treatment and for once I've actually felt some relief! I had really heavy discharge and that seems to be going away, I'm feeling a lot less itchy and sore and I just generally feel like things are improving.

It says in the instructions to apply the cream for seven days and if no improvement consult your doctor. I have a rash on my labia minoria, it looks like little papules I'm not sure if this can be caused by a yeast infection but I didn't have it before, anyway I think the cream is helping with the rash but I'm worried to use the cream longer than directed. Is it okay to use it for the rash? Or should I look for alternatives?

I have also noticed my labia majoria is riddled with what I think is fordyce spots, I didn't have this much before, is this typical of a yeast infection? I'm not sexually active so I'm not too concerned, but I've just been really lumpy and bumpy down there when I wasn't before.

and lastly the only thing that hasn't really shown any improvement is pain/burning when I urinate, since it's been a week since I started treatment I'm starting to wonder if it's more likely to be caused by a UTI, than yeast?

I'm sorry for the long post and all the questions! It's been horrible these past few months so I'd really appreciate any advice or help. Thank you!
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