smallestblair (smallestblair) wrote in vaginapagina,

Is this normal with YI??

So I've gathered I have a yeast infection (My fourth one?) and I really just can't deal with it anymore. My mum is like "yes I'll take you to the doctors" and I keep reminding her, but I've had this infection for maybe two weeks? Is that bad? Can having a yeast infection for that long cause damage??

I'm also wondering what would they do at the doctors? I'd go without my mum, I'd just feel more confident in telling the doctor that I literally only get YI when my boyfriend and I are sexually active with each other (Yet we had no sex, and he doesn't show ANY signs of having YI so I don't know where it'd come from) and I'd feel better telling the doctor myself, not having my mum tell but anyway... I have a male doctor, would I get a female one? I'd feel more comfortable, could I request one?

Thirdly, the infection came after my period and fooling around with my boyfriend, and since that was two-ish weeks ago, I haven't been turned on yet? I don't find anything arousing, and it's bothering my boyfriend because he thinks I don't find him sexually attractive. Would a YI cause that also? I can't find any information on the internet about that, and it's annoying me because I'm worried it might be something else that's causing me to lose interest. I also have trouble getting wet, (tmi I know, sorry) but it's kind of worrying since I've always found it easy to become aroused and now I just feel kind of disgusted by anything sexual and get annoyed when my boyfriend suggests we do anything. Is it just simply hormones?
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