amanda (letsdisappear) wrote in vaginapagina,

Swelling only?

Hi all,

Right now I'm currently experiencing internal swelling in my vagina. Two nights ago, on Wednesday night, my boyfriend and I tried to have sex but it just wasn't going in and we decided to hold off (lubrication wasn't an issue). Last night I checked it out and I could barely fit one finger in because the inside was very swollen and tender. I am not experiencing any other symptoms - there's no abnormal discharge, no pain, no itching, no smell (just the usual slightly vinegar-like scent) or anything. It's also barely swollen on the outside. I'm not due for a period for another two weeks and this has never happened before. I had a LEEP in March but it went well and I think this is probably unrelated. No doctor can fit me in until Wednesday and I would really prefer not to go to an ER, so I just wanted to know if anyone thinks this sounds very serious. Thanks!!
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