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a few prawns short of a galaxy

Solid bits like scabs in discharge

I've been Googling like crazy about this over the last few months and so far the only hit that relates to my problem is an old post *I* made years ago when I was experiencing a similar problem (I was on Metrogel then, so I blamed that, because that stuff will do a number on you.)

For months now, I've been getting little solid bits in my discharge. Usually they look brownish against the paper but if I hold them with my fingers they're actually white. I figured they were dried mucus - I've had ridiculous amounts of discharge for months now, too, which I wrote off as misfiring hormones (I carry around at least one big ovarian cyst at all times) as my skin is a disaster and my boobs ALWAYS HURT.

But for a while - and this went away but now it's back - there were tiny bits that looked like scabs. Really hard and dark brown in spots, white in others. This concerns me.

My first fear is malignancy, but I was just at the GYN a few months ago for a cyst check (holding steady at 5 cm!) and pap (since I was there and about due). The pap came back normal (I assume, I actually never did hear back. But they're very on the ball about reporting abnormal results; the one time I did have an abonrmal pap the doctor called me himself. Otherwise I usually have to pester them to find out. I guess I should call and make absolutely sure.)

So I feel like a clear pap and largely clear transvaginal ultrasound means my possibility of cervical, uterine, ovarian, whatever-else-can-go-wrong cancers are fairly low right now. But PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong because I've been sitting on this for the better part of a year and if I need to see a doctor right away, I'll get on that. And yes, I should've told him about this issue when I was there, but I was having some really concerning symptoms surrounding the cyst and it just slipped my mind.

I have no STDs; I'm in a monogamous relationship with the same person I've been with for almost 5 years, my only sexual partner, and with the exception of HPV a few years ago, I've never had anything show up on tests. My period just ended a day or two ago.

I worry about this but I have no idea if I need to, because no one else on the internet seems to have had a similar experience. Help?
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