actorgrl04 (actorgrl04) wrote in vaginapagina,

Fingering and bleeding

The other day my boyfriend and I were fooling around. We wanted to do something different, so instead of having sex, he fingered me. It didn't hurt at all or anything but later I noticed some blood, not a lot though. Kind of guessed that was what it was and later during the day, we did it again and I didn't notice any blood at all. One day later(yesterday), I noticed some blood again, it wasn't a lot and it went away after a few wipes. It doesn't hurt when I pee or anything, so I am guessing that it was just from fingering.

Is it possible to bleed a day after that happens? Or could this be something else? My period isn't supposed to start till next week, but could it be that?

I'm not too concerned since that was the first time he was pretty rough(not that I didn't like it or anything). But just wanting to make sure it's nothing bad.

Thanks in advance!
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