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Constant burning

I really hope I am following the guidelines. Please accept this so I can find help..

I'm burning really bad and have been going through this for 3 months now since June. In June I was positive for both yeast and bacteria. No stds or HIV. Was negative for herpes..gonnorea..syphilis and trich. I started to take diflucan(anti fungal) and metro(antibiotic). None if it was helping or so i thought because the itching and burning continues.. I even started the candida diet and supplements.. the diet lasted 15 days as i saw no results and was losing to much weight. I finally get a obgyn appointment.. she was very rude.. she did not want to help.. a week passes by and I decide to call the office to see if my cultures have came in. I was negative for yeast and bacteria! This means I healed it! But why am I burning more than ever?! No more itching but so much burning its painful! I never even had a discharge or even smell to begin with.. but just constant burning. Im depressed more than ever.. Im putting my two week notice in at my job.. Im in so much discomfort its painful! I cant work anymore.. i cant stop crying in agony.. this is consuming my life! Ive been to 9 doctors now! Obgyns dont want to help and one infectious disease doctor told me its all in my head!

Things ive tried and think it is under cut

-Only cotton panties
-Changed laundry detergent
-Sleep naked
-I dont wash down there and havent since June. Only water
-I wash my hair over the tub
-coconut oil applied down there helped a month ago. .but now it has no soothing effect
-I stopped using pads.. sounds gross but i dont get a heavy period so i just use old panties and switch out a few times a day
-aloe vera.. stung like crap!
-sitz baths- episom and corn starch .. doesnt seem to give any relief either
-baby rash by aveeno.. took away the redness.. but not the burn and gave no relief!
-baby rash powder..no help there. .
-I stopped taking birth control 2 months ago.. no help
-cortizone for woman. No luck
-pro biotics by rePHresh and the cream. . Nada...
-live active culture yogurt..ate it and also soiled a tampon and inserted..
-Steriod ointment (clobetasol 0.05) that was givin to me by an obgyn. . Made me burn more!! And it has a thinning effect?!
-lydocaine cream (from the ER).. numbed me but did not take away the horrible constant burning!!
-I'm on my 15th dose of diflucan which confuses me because yeast is no longer showing in the culture.
-lots of vitamin C
-more pro biotics
-fish oil
-folic acid and plenty more

Ive tried so much that i cant even think of it all on top of my head..by the way i am 26 yrs old.. so im not going through menopause.. doctors are saying i look quite normal there.. no broken wounds..no bleeding.. no cracks.. just the vulva itself looks red and inflammed. My vagina walls look fine.

Contact irritant?
Vulva cancer?
Lichens skin disease?!

Whats going on with me?! Ive spent over 700 dollars on supplements food creams and medicine! How can i make this constant burn go away so i can not go through with the two weeks notice at work tomorrow! Im so depressed.. this is taking the life out of me.
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