aldx (aldx) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bacterial Vagnosis? Discharge

Okay, I have had yeast infections, UTIs, and been diagnosed with bacterial vagnosis so many times through out the past 2 years. I have taken every kind of antibiotic and medicine to cure or help with symptoms for all of these. But I am still experiencing this white creamy discharge. I'm not sure if that is just my normal discharge or what. After I would take the medicine to treat one of the infections listed above I wouldn't have it for about 2 days and it would start right back up. You can really notice it after and during sex. I don't have a natural lubricant anymore since this started. It seems like the natural lube is that discharge. And it's hard to enjoy sex now. I mean it still feels good and everything, but it's not like what it used to be. I've went to the doctor about stickily this and they just prescribe me with one of the above infections. I don't have it for a couple of days after my period, but other than that it is just constant. It has no odor. Please help!
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