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Vulva skin problems

Please Vp-ers, you're my only hope. I just had a chat with my Sexual Health Clinic and the nurse gave me a very inspiring 'I have no idea what that could be'.

So here's my problem.

Every now and then the skin on my clitoris hood and clitoris has a little peel. It's very superficial and the worst that happens is that I get a few raw patches that are the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. My doctor prescribed hydrocortisone/anti-fungal cream to clear it up and it seems to happen on the monthly, usually when I've been stressed. It takes 4 or 5 days to clear up. Her verdict was that it could be dermatitis. I spoke to another gynecologist about it (and he was awful) and he thought it was lichen sclerosus. However it doesn't itch or hurt, and it certainly doesn't look like the photos I've seen so I'm skeptical about that.

For the above I've actually found that putting pawpaw ointment on can be helpful too, because the skin gets very dry.


I've had a look with a mirror at my vulva, more 'round where the entrace to my actual vagina is. I have a thick white coating around the area, and when I wipe it away (and play with it a bit, sigh) it actually has the consistency of skin. I can smooth it out and it's actually like a very thin layer of skin has come away.

Please help. Has anyone had anything similar? It is not thrush - I had swab test for it about a week ago and it was negative.
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