kymmeebear (kymmeebear) wrote in vaginapagina,

Hsv 1 diagnosis

I was told 8/11 that I tested positive for hsv1. I went in 8/5 for a yeast infection and some tingling on my outer lips. No blisters no sores inside or outside .

I was tested using the herpeselect test and it came back at an index of 60! She informed me that due to the high number she believed it to be a relatively new infection (6 months to a year)

My boyfriend (and only partner for 2 years, no condoms for 1.5 years now) went and got tested and came back negative for either herpes virus.

I know that they can't tell me exactly where the infection is without an outbreak. Is it possible I got this new infection by sharing drinks and have just not had an actual outbreak and this was just found along the way?

I've never had any sores down there or any cold sores.

I just can't understand how I would have gotten a new infection of genital herpes in a monogamous relationship and my partner tested negative.
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