dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in vaginapagina,

Underpants Recommendation? (Sweat vs. yeast)

TL;DR: What underwear do I need to balance diaper rash from butt sweat vs. the possibility of yeast infection?

I have a busy serving job in a restaurant that's really hot and humid. I'm required to wear dark denim jeans as part of my uniform. (I could wear a black skirt but our aprons make them ride up and it's annoying.) I've made it through most of the summer okay, but I had to take some antibiotics for a tooth infection recently. That in turn gave me diarrhea and now I have diaper rash. My fellow restaurant workers tell me that wicking underwear are critical for avoiding summertime 'swamp butt,' but I'm afraid of the synthetics/yeast infection connection.

So -- what underpants are my best bet to keep things dry and yeast free down there? I am treating the diaper rash with Triple Paste and it's getting much better, but I want to prevent it from coming back!
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