suzuzuzu (suzuzuzu) wrote in vaginapagina,

Scared of Herpes

I'm really freaking out at the moment and I was wondering if I could get some advice.
So, I'm a 18 year old girl and in May I noticed I was experiencing more discharge than usual, it was slightly itchy and had a yeasty odour to it. I had a pretty bad yeast infection when I was around 13 that lasted a couple of months but it ended up going away on it's own. I don't recall the treatment I got being particularly helpful, so I'm not sure if I'm experiencing the same thing now and I'm just resistant to certain forms of treatment.

I tried using various things but it didn't seem to go away. Last month I noticed a sort of pimple underneath my vulva, it was sort of like a bug bite and it looked very red and inflamed, there was some green pus in the middle. It hurt a little to touch, eventually it popped and healed over although there is still a red mark from where it was. At first I wasn't too worried because I just assumed it was a pimple but then just last week I felt a slight bump on my labia majoria, it then developed into a red and inflamed pimple with green pus in the middle. It popped after a day or two and now it's just like a deflated spot, it doesn't hurt any more, it's a little bit itchy in that area. I have noticed a burning sensation down there especially after I urinate which I'm finding very painful.

The pimples have kind of shaken me and I've convinced myself it could be herpes. The thing is though, I've never had sexual intercourse of any kind or had any direct contact with anyone else's genitals, I've never kissed anybody before! I've looked up things online and some people say that it's possible to get them from sharing towels or picking it up from surfaces like toilet seats, I'm sceptical but I just want to be sure, is it possible?

I'm really frightened about this, I haven't yet been to the doctors about this but I think I'm going to go asap.

Is there anyway it could be herpes? or could it be just a bad yeast infection?
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